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PUB GFX Tool Pro APK, If you are looking for something that can fix lag and optimize your PUBG Mobile game, Then you have came to the right place. Today, we would like to introduce you to a great application for PUBG Mobile by , which allows us to improve and optimize the game settings and bring the perfect gaming experience on any Android Device. The application named PUB GFX+ Tool Pro🔧(with advance settings). In this article, we will show you how to initialize and install the latest PUB GFX + Tool Premium Paid Version for Free.

What is PUB GFX Tool Pro (with advance settings)?

PUBG Game have some problem that affects the gaming experience. If you are using a low-end device or a low-performance android phone, which means that it cannot run the game at the highest setting. Even when you use Low Settings during the game, it is often some bugs like FPS Drop, Loss of Detail, Lag,  Sound error… Recently, Tencent has come up with a solution to solve this problem. They released a Lite version named PUBG Mobile Lite dedicated to these low-end devices.


Moreover, those who are using low-end devices or low-performance android phones are not happy with PUBG Mobile. The game only allows players to choose one of three settings automatically: High, Medium & Low, which you cannot interfere much with other cost customization.

It makes the individuals who need to upgrade the game experience miserable. Now, PUB Gfx Tool is the answer to all the above issues. This tool provides a large number of customization that allow users to make custom PUBG Mobile Game Settings such as changing object details, shading, unlocking FPS, increasing or decreasing resolution and increasing optimization. The game will work more smoothly.

As mentioned, the PUB GFX+ Plus Tool is a Paid Application on Play Store. You need to buy this Application in order to use it But, wait you can initialize and install it completely free via, the initialize link of this application is already provided below. The application is very lightweight and has only 2MB initialize size, compatible with Android 4.0 or higher and it does Not Require Any Root Device.

GFX Tool

The Main Features of PUB GFX+ Tool :

PUB GFX+ Tool offers many unique features that allow you to optimize PUBG Mobile Game very easily. Regardless of whether you are not a tech master, you can use it in any case. As of now, there are two versions of PUB GFX Tool including free and paid. In this article, we will give you the paid version of PUB GFX+ Tool (Includes advanced features) so don’t worry. Here are the key features that you can explore from the PUB GFX+ Tool :

  • Game Variant: Choosing the rendition of the PUBG Mobile game that you are playing. Here are three choices including Global, China and Korea beta. You have to choose the right form for the application to work.
  • Resolution: Depending on the goals of your telephone’s screen, you can pick a lower goal than the default setting with the goal that the game is smoother. Obviously, the in-game picture quality will be diminished.
  • Restore: This element permits you to set all default settings, so you can change numerous settings until you pick the best design. As a matter of course, there are just three choices: High, Medium and Low.
  • Graphics: Adding custom graphics settings. By default, there are only three options: High, Medium and Low. PUB GFX+ Tool offers five settings: Default, Smooth, Balanced, HD & HDR.
  • FPS: Unlock FPS, there are four levels: Default, High, Ultra & Extreme. This component permits the player to play the game at the most elevated FPS.
  • Style: Changing the designs style with five levels: Classic, Colorful, Realistic and Soft
  • Shadow: This feature allows you to enable or disable shadows of the objects in the game. Shadow is one of the key factors affecting the smoothness of PUBG Mobile. If you are using low-end devices or low-performance android devices then you should turn it off.
  • MSAA: Enable or disable the Anti-Aliasing feature, the game image will be better. You can view the distance objects easier. If you are using low-end devices or low-performance android devices then you should turn it off.

If you are wondering that PUB GFX+ Tool will also be used with PUBG Lite version? The answer is NO.


Advance Settings

Note: These above features shown in the image are only available in paid versions. You won’t see them in the free version. In the wake of rolling out the improvements, you have to tap the Apply button in the upper right corner to save the settings. Now, you can reopen PUBG Mobile to experience it, The graphics quality of the game will be changed significantly, which make the game smoother and will give you the best experience.

Higher settings are recommended for High-end devices. Game itself is not fully optimized. So, lower the settings if game lags.

PUB GFX+ Tool Pro Installation Guide:

We have introduced you to the unique features of the PUB GFX+ Tool. If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, you should definitely initialize and use this application. You do not know much about Android and don’t know how to install apps with APK Files then Don’t worry! We will help you. You just need to follow the steps below :

♦1: First, you need to make sure that your device has enabled the installation of an APK file from an unknown source. By default, this feature is always disabled on all devices.

♦2: To do this, you need to go to Settings> Security. Scroll down and look for the “Unknown Sources” option to turn it on.
♦3: Next, initialize the PUB Gfx + Tool APK file we provided at the end of this article. You should remember the location where you saved it.

♦4: Open “File Manager” from your device, navigate to the location where the file saved, tap on it to start the installation.

♦5:  The installation will take about 10-15 seconds. You just wait for completing it. Congratulations on successfully installing the PUB GFX+ Tool on your device! Now, the App icon will appear at your App Draws, Now you can open it and start making customization in PUBG Mobile.

Note: PUB GFX+ Tool does not require any Rooted permission. You can install it on any android device. You need to install PUBG Mobile Official before using PUB GFX+ Tool.


Some Queries Related To This App :

  • This app is made for PUBG Mobile Game only.
  • If graphics are not applied, Restore Setting and Reboot your Phone.
  • If stuck on the game logo, then Reboot your Phone.
  • Use of PUB GFX+ Tool application DOES NOT lead to Any BAN unless game developer notices suspicious activity from your device that is using script/mods/illegal plugins to cheat game engine/server.
  • If Server timeout (not working), Check your internet connection and try Repair option which is available on your game login page setting.
  • For the phone heating issue, lower the FPS setting.
  • Use PUB GFX launcher gadget by a long push on your home screen and select widget.
  • For any application-related issue, Please utilize the Feedback/Bug Report alternative for quick assistance.



Final Suggestion:

Android fracture makes game distributers a cerebral pain when they need to streamline the game for carrying their game to each devices. PUBG Mobile is no exception. This game requires quite a high-end device. Although it allows the player to choose the level of graphics, PUBG still has many problems with the game Smoothness, FPS, Loss of Sound… PUB GFX+ Plus Tool was born for you to solve all these problems. The application brings many customizations that allow users to change the game’s graphical configuration, and advanced features also make the game smoother on low-end devices or in low-performance android devices.

Play Store : Link
👻 App NamePUB GFX+ Tool Premium
🎯 App VersionV0.18.1
🚀 App Size2 MB


This article has provided you all the information we know about the PUB GFX+ Tool. We hope that you have initialized and installed the PUB GFX+ Tool on your device without any difficulty. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please leave a comment below 😊.

PUB GFX Tool Pro APK [with Advance Settings | NO BAN] initialize

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